6 thoughts on “Chicken Update :: May 2012

  1. That is a great design for a coop. I want to have chickens one day and although we live in the ‘county’ instead of the ‘town’ and can have chickens or anything we want, we only have about a third of an acre (and part of that is a fairly steep hill and only used for planting flowers) so a coop and a yard for chickens would have to be smaller. This would definitely work for us if I can talk my hubby into letting me have chickens one day. ; )

    • We live on a little less than a quarter-acre (.22 acres) so anything is possible. Maybe you could terrace a section for a coop like this. Our coop and run combo is 8′ feet wide by 13′ feet long. The coop by itself if 4′ feet by 8′ feet. We just kind of made this up based on coops we saw on BackyardChickens.com
      Good luck!

      • I think we have around .34. The very back part is unusable as it’s so steep but we have plenty of room in the side yard, which is where I wanted to put chickens. The rest of the back yard is taken up the garage, our garden, and the area that the dogs have when I take them outside.

        I love reading about your rabbits. I have two indoor bucks, they are 3 months old now and I’m hoping to get them trained to be therapy bunnies (and neutered to prevent fighting). We have our hands full with them, our dogs, cats, chinchillas, and fish, but when we have the time I would absolutely love to get chickens and also French Angoras and learn how to groom them and harvest their wool. If I can ever find any in my area, haha. Thank you for sharing about the bunnies, and I’m glad Dandelion finally had a litter. : )

      • I’ve been to your site and I think using your rabbits as therapy animals is a fantastic idea. I wish you so much luck in your journey. Your two bucks are cuties too… Which helps 😉
        We seem to live on similar sized lots. If you really want chickens, you’ll find a way. Something will just open up for you I’m sure.

  2. Today we lost a hen and her eggs as well as a white golf ball to a 5 1/2 ft. chicken snake. He was in trboule after he swallowed the golf ball, he could not get out through the biddy wire. I killed him, we have seventeen bantam chicks and two grown bantams. What have you come up with to keep the snakes away. We had sulfur and moth balls around our pen on the outside and the snake just ignored it all. I really would appreciate your reply. We do not have a website only the email address above. We can share pictures of the snake and our set up for our chickens if you would like. Thanks! Stansels Egg & Brood Haus, Greenwood, South Carolina

    • We actually don’t have many snakes around here. Just rattle snakes and mostly in the rocky areas… Nt near our house. Sorry I couldn’t help! Check out BackyardChickens.com they have a lot of users who could answer you question better or that have even come up with a wonderful snake repellant. Good luck!

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