New Queen on the Block

What a relief! During Trevor’s hive inspection of Beehive #1, he found the new queen. Remember our post early last month about Beehive #1’s loss of their queen? Well, Trevor took a frame from our newly acquired Beehive #2 that had brood (bee larvae) on it and put it in Beehive #1 hoping that the queen-less hive would create one from the provided brood. It’s called “supersedure”.

And guess what? Success!

We were so excited when Trevor opened up Beehive #1 this afternoon and found perfectly formed, c-shaped larvae, varroa mite free. Not only that, but he also found the new queen! Technically the queen of Beehive #1 is the daughter of the queen of Beehive #2.









The new queen of Beehive #2 is pictured here with a white dot on her back. She was marked with paint to better identify her in the future.

5 thoughts on “New Queen on the Block

  1. When we met Trevor this morning he told us of the bee sting he acquired. I told him what my Dr. did for me when I was attached by wasps last year (and this works for bees as well) Buy a jar of papaya enzyme crush 2-3 tablets into powder and add a tiny bit of water to make a paste put it all over the sting and in a matter of minutes it will take down the swelling and the redness. What it does it draws the proteins out wh. We have to have them for for life but for some the sting can be a matter of life or death…weird but true.

    • That’s one I’ve never heard before! But I am very allergic to papaya so he would have to keep it and apply it far far away from me. It is absolutely amazing that for every natural ailment there is also a treatment found in nature.

      • So, very true!. Just have him keep it in a sealed bottle in a place you normal don’t go. Like a” MAN CAVE” lol. That term always makes me laugh. And I do think for whatever ails us there is a natural cure.

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