Wool Harvest :: Spring 2012

We finally went out and bought a small “kitchen scale” so that I could weigh the wool I harvested from the rabbits last month. I was actually surprised with how little it all weighed. Not because there wasn’t much wool harvested, but because I filled four one-gallon freezer bags and it only ended up being a little less than 5 1/2 ounces. Angora wool is just so light!

It should also be taken into account that I set some short and unusable wool aside for two nest boxes. Nest wool was not calculated. All in all, a fantastic three month harvest. Great production from the ladies…. wool and babies!


Rabbit_______Gross Weight___Prime Wool___Second (sheared)
Thistle________1.1 ounces______0.0 ounces____1.1 ounces
Dandelion_____2.2 ounces______2.1 ounces____0.1 ounces
Clementine____2.13 ounces_____0.8 ounces____2.5 ounces
Total_________5.43 ounces____2.9 ounces____3.7 ounces

One thought on “Wool Harvest :: Spring 2012

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