B or D?

If I could effectively sigh using text only… I would.

I have been having a lot of correspondence with rabbit people lately as Clementine’s litter gets closer to being of sale age. Which means quite a bit of gender and color talk. Until today I had been using the “newborn method” of sexing rabbits, or determining their gender. It turns out I really should have switched over to the “6-week method” a little earlier.

Without getting too graphic, the “newborn method” is all about spacing and the “6-week” method is more about shapes. That said, the newborn method is just not as accurate as I need it to be as a rabbit breeder. People purchasing my rabbits depend on me to be accurate. Luckily I had only been using the newborn method as an estimate and now that I am using the “6-week method” (usually used past the age of 6-weeks, hence the name) I see how unreliable the newborn method can be.

The good thing is, is that the 6-week method results are pretty obvious. No worries rabbit buyers! I’ve got a handle on this now and I pretty much will never count on the other method again. Even for estimates and guesses.

It’s just better to wait until the rabbits are 6-weeks old to get an accurate gender.

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