Spring Planting Finished!


This morning we finished planting the rest of our seeds in the garden. That included the beds we planted seeds in only half of, two-weeks ago. Finishing up planting the rest of the beds gives us a two-week gap between harvests for most of our crops. Hopefully this keeps us from being overwhelmed with preserving everything at once. Timing is everything.

The beds that got their second plantings were: bush beans, Danvers Half Long carrots, Parisienne carrots, Flamingo Swiss chard, bulb onions, bunching onions, leeks, and beets.

Gherkins, honeydew melons, eggplants, and Paprika pepper seeds were planted for the first time today. It turns out that I didn’t order enough eggplant seeds so we made a mad dash to the store to find some. As it turns out, only one of three stores in our area sells heirloom seeds. And in a very low quantity at that. We were quite lucky in that the brand of eggplant seeds we picked up had “Rosa Bianca”, the exact same type as what I was in the middle of planting. Phew! Close one. I was trying my best to avoid the dark purple variety of eggplants since they are notorious for having bitter and chewy skins. The Rosa Bianca eggplants have a more tender white and light magenta skin.

Our garden total for planted seeds is:
5 Amish Pie Pumpkins
3 Honeymoon honeydew melons
4 Amish Paste Tomatoes
16 Rosa Bianca Eggplants
144 Contender Valentine Bush Beans
32 Flamingo Swiss Chard
16 West India Gherkin Cucumbers
72 Australian Brown Bulb Onions
128 He Shi Ko Bunching Onions
4 Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts
32 Giant Musselburgh Leeks
128 Slo-Bolt Cilantro
16 Leutschauer Paprika Pepper
8 Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage
4 Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli
72 Early Wonder Beets
64 Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach

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