A Regular Saturday

Our Saturdays are always the best days of the week. They are filled with casual gardening, cleaning animal habitats, picnic lunches in the field, visiting the rabbits, and chasing chickens. Sure, weeding the garden and shoveling chicken poop isn’t nearly as glorious as a picnic in the clover, but we love every minute of it. Every minute of it all.

Cami loves giving attention to Clementine and her babies. Her favorites are the “Thistle babies” (the ruby-eyed white kits) and “Lilac baby” (the one lilac tort). Silly girl.


Today we put together simple teepees made of three reed sticks tied together for the bush beans. Bush beans don’t need to be trellised or supported, but they like a little help growing vertically.


All of our Amish Pie pumpkins came up when I planted two seeds per hole so I’ll need to thin them tomorrow.


The blueberry bushes have really perked up since being transplanted into pots. They even have flowers! Now we just have to put some netting over them to keep the birds out.



Here is a little better view of the garden. I know it’s a little hard to imagine the setup sometimes so hopefully this helps you. The fenced in garden annex where we keep the potatoes and quinoa is behind this main garden.




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