The Garden is Growing!

Our garden is finally starting to look like… a garden. Sadly, our last frost date is in mid-May so many things cannot be planted until May. Hence, our seemingly slow start to the growing season. We are right on the snow line so we really have to be careful not to plant too early. Maybe by fall we can get a small greenhouse built to help lengthen our growing season.

Until then we are mighty proud of our growing crops! Remember, we are trying out the square-foot gardening method this year using composted chicken manure and rabbit manure as fertilizer. No shortage on manure around here let me tell you! Here you can see our 4×4′ foot in-ground beds.


I just covered up our blueberry bushes inside and out to –hopefully– prevent the birds from eating everything this year. Blueberries are my favorite too. By the way, if you’re having trouble with your blueberries, try putting them in pots with compost. Our reject bushes have really perked up and are actually producing little berries since we transferred them from the ground to pots.

Our red cabbage is starting to form heads. Yay! I love cabbage. Hate sauerkraut. Go figure.

All of our bush beans are doing fabulously. I planted half the 4×4′ foot bed in Contender Valentine bush beans and the other half in alternating yellow and purple bush beans. So this bed should look pretty interesting when beans start growing.

Here you can see a pumpkin on the right and two volunteer tomato plants I squeezed in on the left. The other volunteer tomato I have (not including the 10 or so I gave away to other gardeners) is next to the blueberries.

One of our potatoes is ready to be covered up half way to encourage growth. Hopefully that will happen Friday or Saturday.

And lastly, I am super excited to see a few of our paprika peppers popping up. Say that three times fast. I’m not entirely sure how well peppers will do here, but I’m trying a whole bed of them so something is bound to grow. Right?!

Last Video of Clementine’s Litter

Here is the last video you will see of most of Clementine’s litter of nine. The new owners of more than half of these rabbits will be picking them up through the next week. In this video Clementine’s litter is 8-weeks old and Dandelion’s litter of six is 3-weeks old. You get a glimpse of the new colors in Dandelion’s litter as well as an introduction to Blackberry the rabbit.

Meet the Newest Member of Our Farm


Thank you all for your input on naming this little rabbit! “Blackberry” won over “Pepsi” by a landslide, but really the determining factor was when I asked Cami what the rabbit’s name was and every time she answered ‘Back-burry’. In just three weeks we will know if Blackberry is male or female (male hopefully), but either way Blackberry will be added to our breeding program and will be a working member of the farm.

So here is Frühlingskabine’s Blackberry the black tortoiseshell French Angora.

Who Googles This?

I have all sorts of fun video, picture, and garden updates for you tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I would share a few of these weird “keyword searches” from this month with you. For anyone who hasn’t run into these, a keyword search is basically any word that a person types in an internet search field that inevitably leads them to our website.

Some are pretty normal and I’m glad these people find our tutorials…. and some are a little odd. Odd to the point that I wonder what they were really looking for. Here’s a little post-holiday entertainment.

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