Happy Garden

This evening when I checked the garden, I found that quite a few things are coming up. And not just weeds! Well, weeds too. But mostly veggies. I’m glad to see that the seedlings are enjoying the mild sunshine we’ve been getting and I plan to plant the other halves of these beds this weekend. We spaced out our planting (half the bed two weeks ago; the other half this weekend) so that we don’t have everything ripen all at once. Our little family of three can only eat, can, and preserve so much at once. Hopefully the two-weeks will be a good harvesting gap.

Contender Valentine bush beans

Red Mammoth cabbage

Brussels sprouts

(See my bed markers? I wrote the name of each crop in Sharpie on small pieces of thick plastic and stapled them to the corresponding wooden stakes. Now we know what is where!)

Flamingo Swiss chard

Quinoa? I’m not sure because I’ve never seen it grown before, but there are a few of these thin sprigs in the bed… so one would assume.

Also growing are the: blueberries, bulb onions, green bunching onions, broccoli, pie pumpkins, leeks, and cilantro. Yet to be seen are the: potatoes, carrots, and beets. Yet to be planted are the: honeydew melons, tomatoes, eggplant, gherkins, and paprika peppers.

Slightly unrelated to the garden, we have been selling our extra chicken eggs to friends, family, and co-workers. At three dollars a dozen we aren’t making any profit, but it does pay for their feed and (perhaps someday) their housing. One can dream.


4 thoughts on “Happy Garden

  1. Your garden looks great! I also am wanting to plant quinoa this year. I have the seeds…maybe today. I have heard that it is a good starter grain. And it is full of protein. Also, I like the stamp on your egg cartons. Around here they are going for $4.00/dozen if they are organic and free range.

    • Let us know how the quinoa growing goes! It seems to be off to a slow start for us, but then again– I’m not completely sure what I’m seeing isn’t weeds. We’ll see. As for the stamp, we lucked out and were given a few blank egg cartons. Hopefully they make their way back to us to be refilled. Our eggs are organic and “part-time” free range. The chickens often get time in the field under a watchful eye. There a a lot of stray dogs/cats/whoknowswhatelse around here and not many fences.

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