X’s and O’s from Bucks and Does

Clementine’s babies are really growing up! Fast! Everyone is hopping and exploring the cage. Whenever I open up the cage door, all of the kits come running along side their mama. Sometimes a kit will take advantage of feeding time when Clementine gets her oats and will dive under her, feet up, and try to nurse.

If you look at the last picture here you will notice that I marked the ear of each kit with a “B” or a “D”. I tried my best to do an early gender assessment of each kit and I plan to check again every week to see if my opinion on each individual kit has changed. “B” for buck or male and “D” for doe or female.

I am really loving raising rabbits. The whole family is enjoying it really. It’s just so fun to be involved in an animal’s life cycle from the very beginning. You get to care for the parents, have the excitement of seeing the babies as soon as they are born, take guesses on the colors, and watch them grow until they are taken home by their new family. But until they do go home with new owners, we are going to get all the furry hugs and kisses we can get.




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