Seeds Planted!

Today we got most of our seeds in the ground. Everything that can tolerate a few more frosts. Our last frost date is about May 15th so we have a little time still before we can plant the heat lovers. I made a chart based on our zone, 7A, that tells when and how long to plant each common item and then when to harvest. The top half is the spring planting and the smaller bottom half is the fall planting for our area. I’ll admit, I cheated a week or so on a few of them.


We also have our grid on how we laid out the garden using the “square-foot gardening” method. This is our first attempt square-foot gardening and it is definitely a change from traditional rows and furrows. Instead, each square has a specific number of seeds planted in it according to the size of the plant. For example: one square foot of carrots can have 16 plantings in it where a square of pumpkins can only hold one planting. It really is quite easy and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


We have planted:
08 cabbage
04 broccoli
04 Brussels sprouts
64 Danvers carrots
64 Parisian carrots
72 Contender Valentine bush beans
36 Australian Brown bulb onions
64 green bunching onions
16 Giant Musselburgh leeks
64 cilantro
54 beets
64 spinach
36 Flamingo Pink Swiss chard
05 Amish pie pumpkins

Mind you, this is only half of each plot so that we can stagger the first and second plantings by two-weeks. This also doesn’t include the seeds that will be planted in late May/early June like: paprika peppers, West Indian gherkins, Amish paste tomatoes, honeydew melons, and Rosa Blanca eggplants.

I am so excited! The only thing is that when you plant a bunch of seeds like this, then you are hungry for what you planted and have to wait a couple months until harvest time. Arg.

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