Open Eyes and with Mama Clementine

Look how big everyone has gotten! Everyone opened their eyes this morning at 13 days old. The chocolate rabbit I thought we had, I’ve decided is a chocolate tort just like Clementine. That makes 3 chocolate torts, 1 lilac tort, and 5 ruby-eyed whites. Aww… what cuties! I wish i could keep them all (especially when they are so small and fuzzy), but I’m sure they’ll all go to great homes.

Lilac tortoiseshell with open eyes!20120416-175137.jpg

Ruby-eyed white with open eyes too!

Here’s a little peek at Clementine’s cage. Since all nine kits have their eyes open, are fully furred, and are mobile, they get to stay outside with their mom.


All of the kits are comfy in their tipped nest box and keeping warm. I tipped their nest box on it’s side so that if a kit jumps out, he can get back in. Rabbits will not move their young back into the nest like cats do. They will just leave the baby to freeze. Like I’ve said, rabbits are not the most attentive mothers. I cleaned out all the old litter and hay and replaced it with clean hay and fresh wool from Clementine’s grooming today.

Sleep well babies!

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