Drone Frame Results

Remember last month when we filmed an example of a hive inspection? Well Trevor pulled out the drone frame he inserted into the hive to see if it had any drone larvae in it. The purpose of the drone frame is to encourage the queen to lay more drones. Drone cells are bigger then worker bee cell and are more appetizing to evil varroa mites. The varroa mites attack and feed on the drone larvae and before the drones hatch, the beekeeper will pull the frame out and freeze it. Killing the majority of the varroa mite population along with the deformed and useless drone bees.

Here is the drone frame…

Here is a close up of what drone cells look like…

And if you look closely, you can see the varroa mites on the drone larvae. They look like small, round, dark red dots. Creepy… but cool.


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