Wanted: Sunshine

You know what I don’t like? I don’t like snow. At all. I think it’s a novelty item. Snow is for people who don’t have to work in it, drive in it, or clean out the chicken house in it. I know, I know… if I dislike it so much, why do I live somewhere it frequently snows in the winter? My answer? I don’t. At least not really (I’m making a lot of sense aren’t I?). Our house is located right on the snow line. Unfortunately. Think of it geographically: Twain Harte always gets snow and Downtown/West Sonora never gets snow. We are right in the middle in East Sonora. Google map it.

Plus, it’s mid-April. Come on! Be fair. April is no time for snow. Especially when I just planted some early spring seeds. Please pray for my broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and Brussels sprouts. Heck, my trying to grow Brussels sprouts needs the power of prayer anyway. Happy Spring!

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