Frühlingskabine Giveaway WINNER!

Ok… Here’s the thing. You guys will have to trust me on this one because I couldn’t figure out how to show the little results box image from But I swear I used it! I’d like to think I’m computer savvy, but that site just sent me in circles. Maybe it’s the iPad. Yeah! That’s it… I just can’t see the magical embed code for that dumb box because I’m on an iPad.

Anyways— I suppose you want to know the winner…

The winner of two 8×10″ Frühlingskabine farm photos, a watercolor of a French angora, and two handmade needle felted animals is…….


Clementine congratulates you. Isn’t she cheerful?
Aleise, send me your shipping address (email me at: and I’ll send out your Frühlingskabine care package as soon as possible!

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