Baby Rabbits Video Update :: 6 days old

I had a few requests that I do a video update on how Clementine’s litter is doing. I also had some questions about Dandelion. Here’s the scoop…

Dandelion is a tough cookie and I have the scratches on my arms to prove it. She is a little ornery when it comes to breeding so I’ve had a little trouble in breeding her for the full two or three sessions in a day like I want to. Her idea of successful breeding is one (or zero) breeding sessions followed by a week of faux nest building all ending in an empty nest box. She has the potential for some wonderful colors so I’m being patient. Maybe this time something will come of her one session. Cross your fingers but don’t hold your breath.

If Dandelion fails again, I will try breeding her at the same time as Clementine in another month. By then Clementine will have weaned her litter and they will be on their way to new homes giving her a little break. Plus– I’d like to see at least one more (two more if possible) litters before the heat of summer hits.

In the meantime, check out how well Clementine’s litter is growing!

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