Queen Drama

Last Wednesday during a routine hive inspection of our original hive of Carniolan bees, I discovered that there weren’t any eggs or larva in the hive and I could not locate the queen.

After the hive inspection, I found the queen on the ground outside the hive near the entrance. I had the choice of: buying a new queen, waiting for the colony to produce a new one (but I don’t believe there were any newly laid eggs to produce a queen from), or taking a frame from our second hive that the queen had laid eggs on and putting it in the primary hive. I chose the latter. The bees should begin feeding royal jelly to the new larva and build a queen cell to rear a new queen from the eggs.


If this process works, it will take about 22 days. At which time, the new queen will take a nuptial flight, mate, and return to the hive to begin laying new larvae. Her larvae will be Carniolan/Italian hybrids if she mates with a Carniolan drone, or pure Italian if she mates with a drone from the second hive.

So wish us luck! We will need it since a hive won’t survive without a queen…

– Trevor

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