And Then There Were Ten

*Sigh*… This afternoon we had a kit die. I had a feeling the little guy wasn’t going to make it already because he was most certainly the runt of the litter. Clementine feeds everyone best early in the morning. And this morning, as I did my nest box check, I noticed everyone else had big full bellies. Everyone else had also grown to twice the size of this little runt.

I wrapped him up and took him out to Clementine to get a little extra mama milk. I flipped Clemmy over and put the runt onto one of her nipples, and then another. He didn’t seem to be hungry and after a good ten minutes, I took him back inside and put him back in the nest box with his siblings.

When I checked back this afternoon he didn’t wiggle like the rest. He was cold. I tried to warm him up, but he was already gone. Poor dear. Rest little ruby-eyed white.

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