Easter Bunnies

This morning I went out at about 7:30 to feed the rabbits as usual and I decided to peek inside the nest boxes. You know, just incase. Dandelion… didn’t think so. Clementine… holy crap! Babies! BABIES!

Our French Angora doe, Clementine, had a litter of babies! Right on time too. There are eleven kits in her litter and everyone looks healthy and warm. ELEVEN! That -by the way- is a huge litter for a first time mom… or any rabbit really! It just goes to show you that when rabbit books say French Angoras have anywhere from 0-8 kits in a litter, they really mean eleven. Jeez. I just can’t wipe the little smile off my face. I am so excited! You can tell by the exaggerated use of bold type, uppercase letters, and exclamation points.



As you may know, rabbits are born without fur. So it may appear in this picture that everyone is the same color, but in fact there is no real way to tell until their fur grows in within the next week. It doesn’t look like there are any blacks or blues which are always a bit more obvious by their darker skin. These kits may be any combination of: chocolates, lilacs, chocolate torts, lilac torts, or ruby-eyed whites. Not much of a variety, but I can’t wait to see the colors develop! Actually, it is really helpful to see a litter sired by a REW (Thistle) because it tells me that he may carry the “b” or chocolate color gene. Interesting.

There may also be another litter on it’s way from Dandelion, but we won’t know for sure until someone shows up in the nest box. Apparently she isn’t as punctual as Clementine.

Happy Pre-Easter Bunnies!

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