One Hive, Two Hive, Wood Hive, New Hive

You guessed it! We got a new hive of bees this morning! We were given a lead on a feral swarm of honey bees in the tree outside the Visitor’s Bureau in town last night. After a lot of back and forth between the beekeepers in the area, Trevor went out early this morning to get them down before the Visitor’s Bureau opened.

Having never “caught” a swarm of bees, Trevor expected it to be difficult. Instead, he hauled an 8 foot ladder downtown in our little sedan car and borrowed a trap box from a neighboring beekeeper. (Thank you Linden for also selling us a hand-built last minute hive body!) Trevor said all he did was climb up the ladder, cut off the small branch the bees were clustered on, shook them into the trap box, and closed the lid. Voila! Bees.

We are so excited to have another hive on the ol’ farm! It’s certainly an unexpected surprise. They may have arrived at just the right time of year since the flowers are really staring to bloom. It may even mean more honey for us if they stick around. Trevor is especially proud having caught his very first feral hive and relocated them with only one sting. Here’s to new beginnings!

Look inside the trap box…



Trevor situating the new hive body.


Thank you again Linden for the beautiful new hive body!


Just insert bees… carefully.


Now the new bee hive is all hunkered down for our incoming storm.

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