Growing Baby

I was staying up late last night, way past the bed time of the stay-at-home parent of a toddler, and I found this picture from when we were building the “Deluxe Chicken Ark” last summer.


Doesn’t Cami look tiny in that picture? She has like no hair! Yet she is using that screw driver like a pro…. at one. Geez. Now I feel like every other whiney parent that thinks their kid is growing up too fast.

I also found a post that listed what we wanted to get out of living here at the Frühlingskabine. Here’s a quote:
The Vision:
My vision is to be (somewhat) self-reliant or self-sustaining. I would like to wake up every morning to feed the chickens, collect eggs, water the garden, say hello to the dairy goats, feed the Angora rabbits, and harvest food from the garden for the days meals.

Can you believe we are already living that far into our initial vision? Well, minus the dairy goats. That’s okay though! I had forgotten for a moment that our life hasn’t always been full of fresh eggs, rabbit breeding, garden planning, and a big field to run in. Not that I don’t thank life every day for what we have! I guess I just got swept up in it for a minute. Farm love.

I was actually looking in the archives to see when our first post was. For blog birthday purposes of course. Our first post was “Chick Days” on July 5th of last year. Looking at all these pictures from last year made me miss the summer. The grass, the shade, the watermelons, barbecued pizzas, and that sound ice cubes make clinking inside your cold glass.

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