Don’t Google “rabbit ear tattoo”

A lot can be said for shopping local. Especially when raising “livestock”. When we first got our chickens I looked all over town for a feed store that had exactly what I wanted. Three feed stores in my area, including the new Tractor Supply Co., acted like they couldn’t be bothered with helping me. That was disappointing. As someone who was (and still am) just getting started in animal husbandry, I had questions about types of feed and housing… naturally. Only one feed store here helped me, Sonora Feed & Supply.

When I started up with rabbits I called a couple of the other feed stores to get prices on rabbit cages. “Rabbit cages? I don’t know if we can order those…” was the most common response and Tractor Supply plain ol’ lost my order. Twice. But one call to Sonora Feed and four wire rabbit cages were ordered.

I’ve learned my lesson and now I don’t bother going anywhere else. Part of it is familiarity with the whole three people who work there, part of it is that they are always happy to load the feed bags into my car, and part of it is that even my silly greenhorn orders are filled with a smile. This isn’t an advertisement (I have not been compensated in any way)… I just love my feed store. It makes me feel good to give my money Trevor’s money to a local hardworking establishment that actually values customers.

Anyway! I started this post wanting to tell you about the goodies I ordered from them and got swept up in feed store love. Onward!

I ordered another 30×36″ wire rabbit cage with the dropping pan to match the others. Remember last month we built the PVC cage racks that can hold up to six cages? Well this cage will be number five. I’m pacing myself.

I also ordered an ear tattoo clamp for our upcoming rabbit litters. It looks a little medieval, but I assure you it is quick and easy. I looked at rabbit tattoo pens online and convinced myself that there is no way a rabbit (or my handwriting) would allow an ear tattoo with a pen to be legible. I have tattoos. Big ones. And there is no way any animal would want to sit through that! Clamp it is!



Above is an example of what it looks like. It has five spaces for interchangeable letters and numbers so that you can tattoo a name or a special code. Each number or letter is made up of a bunch of little pins that pierce the ear at the same time. Think letters/numbers made up of lots of little dots. I ordered one letter set (my feed store actually threw it in for free!) and two number sets and I have come up with my own numbering system.

F Frühlingskabine Rabbitry

2 for 2012

4 for the month. 1-7 will be January thru July. There will be no breeding August thru December because they are our hottest and coldest times of the year.

5 number born in the month with a max of 10.

D D for female/doe or B for male/buck.

So my example F245D would be Frühlingskabine Rabbitry’s Cheesypuff born 2012 in April. 5th born that month. Female (doe) rabbit. All of the vital information could be had just by looking at the rabbit’s ear. Neat-o huh?! And no, I don’t think anyone’s name will be “Cheesypuff”. But if I ever get an orange colored kit out of Dandelion, I plan to keep it and name it “Cheddar Bunny” because I love Annie’s cheddar bunny crackers like there’s no tomorrow.

Can you guess what F367B would mean?

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