Frühlingskabine Petting Zoo

Yesterday I got a wild hare hair (sorry, couldn’t help that one) up my butt and decided it was high time to make an exercise area for the rabbits. I cleared out the space under our deck where we had been keeping our wood pile. Wood was re-stacked, the was area raked, more gravel was added, and the area was fenced off. Now the woolies have an 8×8 foot space to frolic right next to the Rabbitry.

We even added a few crude toys for them to play with: a stump to stand on, a couple logs to jump over, a ramp made of scrap pine boards and a log, a small ball, and a couple wooden blocks.


Only Thistle and Dandelion came out to play today as Clementine didn’t want to leave her cage. She gave me a few grunts and ran to the back of her cage as if to say, “I don’t feel like it!” Perhaps she’s a little touchy because she is pregnant? Geez I hope so. Fingers crossed!

Luckily, we had enough scrap pieces of chicken wire and sturdy plastic netting to fence off the area. We folded one corner next to the wall in half so that it’s easy for humans to step over but difficult for rabbits to jump over. Not impossible of course… but they won’t be out unsupervised anyway. Hopefully this shady cool area under the deck will be the ideal retreat for the rabbits on the upcoming summer days.

Enjoy these pictures of the woolies hopping around and having fun in their new play arena.







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