Dandelion Building a Nest? Again?


It would seem like Dandelion is building a nest. When I checked in on the rabbits this afternoon I refilled their hay racks. Dandelion immediately pulled out hay and carried it around the cage in her mouth.


Then she went back for more hay, ran around again, and started digging in the corner. I know I said last month that she was quite the nest builder, but this is taking it to a whole new level. I didn’t know rabbits could fit that much hay in their mouth at one time.


We’ll see what becomes of this. If her breeding with Thistle was successful, it will be two more weeks until we see any results. Some does insist on building nests early and some wait until the last second. Either way I gave her her nest box. She seemed to want it pretty badly. Clementine (who is in the cage next-door) was curious and even a bit anxious because of all the running around Dandelion was doing, but had no nest needs of her own yet.

Keep your fingers crossed for… two litters? Two weeks to go.

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