Honesty in Building

I always try my best to be as honest as possible when sharing our projects around the farm with you. Especially when it comes to how much something will cost. Mostly because that’s what I like to know first before I start a project.

This is all leading to the fact that we just got back from Orchard Supply Hardware store with the materials to (finally) build the stacking rack for the rabbit cages. We picked up enough materials to build two racks that hold three cages giving us enough room to comfortably house six rabbit cages.

Let me tell you now… It cost $95 dollars. Jeez! I know! Way more than I wanted to spend on cage racks, but still about $60 less than buying the kits. Worth it? I’ll know tomorrow when I assemble them. I do know, however, that my cage racks will be much sturdier than the manufacturer’s kits which is important to me and my large breed rabbits.

It shows in my rudimentary drawing that the legs will be 10″ off the ground. I have since changed my mind into making them more like 6″ so that the top cage won’t be much higher than 5′ tall (since I am not much taller than 5′ myself).

I also wanted to share some picture updates of the rabbits. Their wool coats are really coming in now! I may wait another month to shear them because I want to wait and see how well they will shed their coat on their own.

Thistle, Ruby-eyed White buck(male)

Clementine, Chocolate Tortoiseshell doe(female)

Dandelion, potentially pregnant Fawn-colored doe(female)

You can’t really tell because he’s all one color, but Thistle has the longest coat. Dandelion is a month older than Clementine so her coat is a little longer than Clementine’s also. Dandelion is quite the model isn’t she?

– Sarah

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