Our Half of the Garden and more…

As I’ve said before, we are sharing a large fenced in garden with our neighbors this year and we have been working on the soil. Our house and garden are situated on top of an old riverbed so most of our soil is decomposed granite and sand. Not really ideal. In addition to sad starter soil, the horse manure that was added to the garden bed when it was built two years ago is long depleted. So needless to say, the dirt needs a little TLC. We have started adding organic material and compost and next week we will be adding rabbit manure, more compost, vermiculite (to help with water retention), and we will top it all off with black garden cloth to heat up the soil and ready it for planting next month.

You can see our half of the garden the best in this photo. Yes… That is a super high fence. But if you knew the deer around here, you would know that this 8-foot fence barely keeps them out. They practically have springs for legs. Our part of the garden is 13 x 22 feet. Using the “square foot method” we should be able to get quite a bit of food out of this space. I’m hoping for enough for a veggie every night for dinner and some leftovers for canning. Cross your fingers! I’m ordering seeds on Thursday.

As a mother, I am obligated to include a picture of our daughter giving “her” chickens hugs. Enjoy your weekend!

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