Planting Plan :: List for Spring 2012

Start your Planting Plan for Spring with me (if you haven’t started already). Since we can’t really plant anything until March, due to late frosts, I am starting with a list. Next I will draw up a visual crop placement plan using the “square foot method”. But for now let’s stick with my shopping list of seeds.

I am still trying to find my ideal online seed shop. Burpee is a big name but I don’t want hybrid seeds and that seems to be what they have the most of. I want heirloom, untreated, pesticide-free seeds.

Beet, early variety
Brussels Sprouts
Bush Bean with edible pods
Carrot, quick to mature and sweet
Melon, Honeydew Green
Onion, bulb type
Pepper, Hot Large Red Cayenne
Pumpkin, Small Sugar
Onion, (scallion) White Bunching
Tomato, Beefsteak and Paste types

Rye Grass, grain
Quinoa, grain

Buy as a plant:
Lemon, Dwarf tree
Strawberry, Tioga

I will start these like last year and buy an organic one at the market then section and plant:

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