Caring for Animals

I’ve been having weird dreams about our animals lately. I dream mostly of chickens escaping or rabbits not eating, both of which would be terrible. Have you ever tried to catch a chicken determined to be free? It’s hard.

So last night I dreamt that I went into the rabbit shed to feed them their evening pellets, but when I looked in the cages the rabbits were no where to be found. All of the cage doors were still locked and there was no way to escape, but somehow they did. Frantic, I looked everywhere to find all three sitting on top of their cages looking at me. It seemed to be one of those things where you look once, not there, look twice, aha! Anyway– when I woke up I was a little confused as to what was dream and what was reality.

I think I may be overly concerned with their welfare. Of course I did plenty of research before buying these rabbits, but the actual daily care is a little more than I anticipated. Angora rabbits require LOTS of grooming to prevent them from getting mats or eating too much of their own wool. Thistle’s coat is twice as long as the two does so he is much more prone to mats. I’ve had to pick out quite a few already near his feet and on his side.

The constant worry of loosing such a valuable animal to something as stupid as ingested wool is apparently bleeding into my sub-conscience. At least all I have to worry about with chickens is frozen water… and brain-dead Honey flipping the nest box onto herself leaving her trapped. Other than that.

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