Planting Plan :: 2012

Around here it has already started freezing at night which means snow is soon to follow. This also means the end of any fall planting. If this weren’t our first year in this garden I would be planting fall and winter crops in cold frames. However, it is our first year in this garden and soil is in desperate need of repair. While I work on adding nutrients to our soil, I am also making a plan of what we want to plant when spring does come.

I am trying my best to only make a list of things I know our family eats. No sense in planting, watering, or caring for food we don’t even want to eat right?! Here’s what I’ve come up with so far and I will include my visual plans according to season later. You know how I love me some graph paper!

2012 Planting Plan:

rye grass
green onions
Simpson lettuce
melon (honeydew?)
oyster mushrooms
spaghetti squash
swiss chard
red chili peppers
string beans

– Sarah

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