Best-laid Plans

You know what they say, “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it.

We won’t be building the rabbit shed next week… it will just have to wait for funds to come together next month. Even though November is not the best time to be building anything outdoors, these things sometimes happen and we just have to learn to cope.

I also decided to alter the size of the shed from 10×10 feet to 8×8 feet. Not that we’re saving much money by doing this ($50), but because it will mean less piecing of materials. All of the materials we will be using come in 4×8 foot pieces. That makes it a pain to adapt to a 10 foot shed. I will have a little less walking space, but I should be able to fit just as many rabbits, just as comfortably, inside.

In other news, I finished assembling all four wire rabbit cages which took me three days. I didn’t buy the special pliers for the clips so I assembled all the cages with regular pliers… and my fingers are so sore from bending little metal clips that I’m surprised they aren’t bleeding. I also (finally) installed my MacGyver-ed feeder into the chicken coop. No more toppled feeders or need to constantly rake out litter and chicken poop from the feeder tray. Thank goodness for that! Right?!

In non-animal related news, I decided to build our daughter Cami a bed for her dolls out of scrap wood. Let’s just say that I failed woodshop in high school. Obviously for good reason. I’m even ashamed to post a picture of it… it’s that bad. But, it will serve its purpose until our IKEA trip next month where I can purchase dolly a proper bed. Poor dolly…

– Sarah

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