Hive Inspection :: August 2011

I’ve completed my third hive inspection today and added a second hive body with ten frames of wired wax foundation. In total this gives me two hive “body” boxes (with ten frames each) and one shorter “super” box for honey collection, although I won’t be collecting honey until after winter.

The colony is doing very well. There are many “c” shaped larva present which is a sign of healthy brood. If the larva were straight, it would be a sign of “foul brood”, which is not curable. The top super box (a shallow 10 frame) is half full and weighed about ten pounds!

I actually saw two baby bees attempting to emerge from the cells during my inspection! So I have nymphs larva and hatching bees. I am very happy with the visibly healthy state of my new hive. The colony is also storing a lot of honey which will hopefully get them through the winter.

I removed the brace comb from between the frames the best I could and even saved some to show around. I was working rather quickly because the bees seemed a little testy. Most likely because of the heat and the young bees and larvae they were protecting. Although irritated, they didn’t try to sting me and were actually licking honey from my glove and from my hive tool.

Everything appears to be going well with our colony of carneolan bees.

– Trevor