The Hive is Here!

Trevor received his bee hive kit in the mail Wednesday from Miller Bee Supply. The beginners kit comes with just about everything you need to get started: hive body parts, hive super parts, ten frames for the body, ten frames for the super, wax foundations for all frames, nails for assembly, hive tops, smoker, smoker fuel, Beekeeping DVD, bee brush, hive tool, hat and veil, gloves, screen bottom board, entrance reducer, and entrance feeder. We also bought a queen excluder for later.

Good deal!
My comic

My comic
Let me tell you that while the assembly itself is easy, it sure is time consuming. Especially when it comes down to putting together all of those wax frames. Ten for the hive body and another ten for the honey super. Arg!

And of course our daughter felt the need to sit right next to the hive. Practically ON the hive… You know, just incase the bees need a welcoming party.

– Sarah

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