Deluxe Chicken Ark :: part 3

My comic
Finished run with gate.
Finished back complete with door and lock.

My comic
Inside view of the roost going from triangle front to triangle back.
Inside view of the sliding door.

My comic
Our younger chickens on their outside roosting branch.
The hen house door pulley system. Just pull the rope to open and hang it on the screw. Let the rope off the screw to close the door.

My comic
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! When the door is open you see the red comb. When the door is closed, it reveals a friendly chicken! Ta da!

– Sarah

4 thoughts on “Deluxe Chicken Ark :: part 3

    • Hahahahaha! Oh man. We had to move the coop once using an ATV (to block the view of the chickens from the street) and nearly broke it because of its weight! It is 13 feet by 8 feet and heavy as hell… so I don’t think wheels would help that behemoth move an inch. It would be nice though!

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