Book Review :: Modern Homestead

Book Review :: Modern Homestead: Grow, Raise, Create by Renee Wilkinson

This book is more of a compilation of summaries of a few things that can be done to start your homesteading efforts. Unfortunately, none of the chapters go into detail on any one subject.
It also seems a little off balance. The book begins with lots of ideas on homesteading in small rented spaces, but then has a whole section devoted to raising goats. If your focus is renters, why devote so many pages to an animal most renters can only dream of having?

I also found that the first chapter a little irrelevant. It is all about what renters can do in small spaces and how to organize community gardens.
Obviously if you bought this book you are interested in homesteading so you will be trying everything that you possibly can in whatever space you have. I’m not sure most people need to read thirty pages worth of different combinations and capabilities.

This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the book however. I just wouldn’t have spent $30 on it.
I did have a good time seeing the author’s humor in print and the book was very easy to read. I was also inspired to keep goats myself from the chapter on animals. The sections on chickens, ducks, and bees were also very informative and helpful for those starting out with our winged friends. I appreciated listings of common and recommended breeds for goats, chickens, and ducks.

Being that I know little to nothing about canning and preserving, I enjoyed reading the chapter that covered the different methods. It did, however, leave me wanting more on this subject. I think the unnecessary thirty pages on community gardening could have been used for this much more useful purpose.

All in all, it’s a great book for people who don’t know if they are well suited for “homesteading”, but maybe not for someone who has already gotten started. It will still have a place on my bookshelf.

– Sarah

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